Simply put, Health Around You was created to help you live better. We address the root cause of poor health and suffering as well as what you can do to help your mind and body function optimally for work, sport, and play!

Our approach is to focus in on health around YOU! We step away from the modern mindset that looks for a quick fix that insurance covers, which often leaves you with masked symptoms. We are here to help you identify what is truly holding you back from feeling or performing to your highest potential.

I’ve never been one to get overly excited about the latest and greatest “superfood” being pushed. It seems that much of the hype around the nutritional benefits of particular foods is really just clever marketing [...]

While recently treating a new chiropractic patient with a neck injury, the patient happened to mention a few other ailments that he’d been dealing with for some time. The first was an ongoing right knee [...]

Hippocrates once said "All disease begins in the gut." Much of that still holds true today in regards to gut health and the microbiota. I never imagined that I would be this fascinated with intestinal [...]