Comprehensive Wellness 3


This is our second most detailed blood test regarding foods and food additives, and environmental factors effecting one’s health. For a more detailed list and description of the individual items tested- click here

200 Items
-150 Foods
-20 Food Additives
-20 Food Colorings
-20 Molds
-10 Environmnetal Chemicals

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The ALCAT lab testing technology measures the “endpoint” reactions of foods, chemicals, additives, colorings, and even several pharmaceutical compounds. An ALCAT test does not just show the initial heightened immune response (which can be only temporary when measuring antibodies), but shows the end result of the chemical weapons released by the white blood cells.
ALCAT testing works well for those who have a limited diet or have taken out numerous foods already but want to see what foods ultimately create a potentially harmful immune system reaction, which can lead to sustained and destructive inflammation.

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Although other testing methods are valuable when performed by an educated professional, the ALCAT test is often considered the, “gold standard” laboratory method for identification of non-IgE (true allergy) mediated reactions to foods, chemicals, and other substances.


Hay 1 (1)Education and dietary adherence are important to the results of the ALCAT test for reducing any symptoms of poor health and achieving optimal levels of wellness. That’s why the Understanding Your ALCAT Test Results booklet is included with your test results.
This booklet explains the format of your test results and includes a rotation plan. It also provides a glossary of terms that will make interpreting your results much easier. Candida Albicans, gluten/gliadin and casein are explained in detail and guidelines for the reintroduction of goods in reviewed. Essential vitamin and mineral information are also provided as well as food preparation and cooking tips.

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