Celiac Genetic Testing


Gut Health Profile (Genetic Test Only)

This test determines the genetic susceptibility for Celiac disease and can also rule out Celiac disease. Testing the genetic markers (HLA-DQ2.5 and HLA- DQ8) can be done with this simple blood test.

This test is ideal for those who have removed gluten from their diet and/or have a family history of Celiac disease or other autoimmune conditions.


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If you’ve removed gluten from your diet but still want to know if you ultimately carry the genetic make-up for Celiac disease or have the potential to develop Celiac disease, this is a great test to determine you genetic susceptibility. With almost 1 in 100 individuals with this commonly under-diagnosed condition and only 98% of them are actually “diagnosed”, more needs to be done in the area of education and awareness of this silent killer.

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