I have come to Dr. Kremer for five years, and always been very impressed with his skill, thoroughness, and compassion. He delivers a thorough evaluation and treatment on every visit. I’ve been to him for wellness maintenance as well as for acute issues, such as waking up with the worst neck pain in the world. He’s great for discerning the exact issue causing the pain, and using multiple modalities for treatment, including electrical muscle stimulation, massage, heat, and adjustment. When I leave, I feel hopeful, comforted, and new.


Dr. Kremer’s staff is great–friendly and quick to address all of the needs I have.


Dr. Kremer has an amazing knowledge of body wellness facts–he’s great for learning the latest in nutrition and wellness practices.


Also, I can’t say enough about doing a grocery store tour with Cassie Kremer. She has a vast field of information in nutrition, choosing foods, and food prep. I learned so much on our tour, and it was fun, too! She can tailor a store tour to suit your specific needs, perfectly.


In full confidence I frequently refer family, friends, and patients to the Wellness Doctor!


–Anita Henderson, MD

“My family and I moved to Bend in the Fall of 2011. On the recommendation of a neighbor we found Dr. Kremer. I was super excited because not only was he a Chiropractor but he practices Functional Medicine. For years I had been complaining to my GP that something wasn’t right and after numerous tests came back “within normal” I had given up hope of finding out what it was. On my very first visit, Dr.Kremer brought up the possibility that I could be gluten intolerant and encouraged me to get tested. In January 2012 I took the test. I remember thinking “I bet it will come back positive for gluten sensitivity.” The possibility of being a Celiac did not enter my mind. When the test came back I think we were both shocked. My numbers were really high. So my life living with Celiac Disease began.


I can tell you living without gluten in a gluten world is really hard. Not only does it limit what you can eat but where you can eat as well. I wish I could say this was the magic ingredient to me becoming healthy and fit but this was just the first of many discoveries on my journey. I hate it when celebrities claim to go gluten free so they can lose weight. I can tell you that usually doesn’t happen. In fact as my body began to heal and absorb nutrients I put on weight. After four months my symptoms disappeared and overall I felt better. Now I was eating what my body needed and I started to exercise but my outward appearance didn’t reflect all the hard work I was doing.


In December of 2012 a friend of mine challenged me to do something I had never done. I set out to run a 5K. Now mind you I had never run on purpose and I’m over 40. So this was a lofty goal. I started training in February 2013. With this added exercise, I was sure that the weight would just melt off…. My weight stood still. In June of 2013 I ran my first 5K and participated in 4 others during the Summer and Fall. I was running and training hard but again my body just did not want to let those extra pounds go. In late July of 2013 Dr. Kremer suggested I do a blood panel to look for food reactions looking at allergies and sensitivities. When my test results came back I had multiple heightened reactions suggesting my intestinal tract was not healed and I had leaky gut. I was surprised at what was high: chicken, peas, vanilla, strawberries and grapes. I had been eating chicken breasts at least 3 to 4 times a week because…its white meat…it’s good for you.


On August 1st my new way of eating began. The first week was awful. My body protested everything. (I gave up coffee even though I could still drink it because the yummy stuff I liked to put in it I couldn’t have.) I started eating more fish, turkey and veggies I’d only heard about. After my two week mark my body started to perk up. I had energy and felt alert. I was able to run faster and longer. This was super exciting for me! On my first weigh in I wept. I had lost 2 pounds! Sweet victory…my body was finally able to focus on what I was doing for it and not dealing with inflammatory foods that it was constantly fighting in my system. 3 months went really fast. I survived Thanksgiving and Christmas eating just what was on my list. (Proud of the fact I did not cheat…not even once.) This was the first Holiday season that my scale went down instead of up. By 6 months I had lost 24 pounds and I am 1/2 pound away from my first goal. I hope to be at my second by my birthday this summer.


I highly recommend Dr. Kremer to everybody who feels as though they are continually battling their own bodies, as I did for so many years. I could not have done this without the help and encouragement of him and his wife Cassie. If you are ready to change your body for good and take charge of your health, the team they are here to walk with you and help you on your journey.”
–Lahnay Lovercheck Hansen